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Here we will keep a running list of news articles and ephemera related to our course discussions

  1. The “Quantified Spouse movement“: “Seven in ten American adults are “trackers” who monitor health information, such as sleep or diet, for themselves or a loved one, and nearly a quarter of trackers are sharing data with a significant other, according to a recent report from the Pew Research Center.”

  2. January 29, 2013
    Manti and the Mating Game
    From The New York Times:
    NY Times Op Ed by Frank Bruni: Whether through older rituals of courtship or social media strategies, the “mating game” has seldom been done with “ample information or any particular finesse.”

  3. Bill of Rights’ Seeks to Protect Students’ Interests as Online Learning Rapidly Expands

    A dozen educators met last month in Palo Alto, Calif., to discuss the future of higher education. They had been convened at the epicenter of technological innovation in higher education by Sebastian Thrun, a pioneer of massive open online courses, and yet the task at hand had nothing to do with software or strategy. It had to do with citizenship.

  4. Can you go to college on your computer? Some say yes, and others respond with a resounding no. But one thing is for sure: there is a boatload of public money to be vacuumed off an overcrowded, underfunded educational establishment desperate for at least the appearance of a quick fix.

    Maria Bustillos | January 31st, 2013

  5. The University of California in Popular Media (Curtis Marez)

    This is one model of compilation we might consider.

  6. From the AHA: The Value of the Humanities (links to articles in the New York Times, Inside Higher Ed, and others

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